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Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

  1 Maker Person who enters into the agreement with;
  2 Co-maker The person(s) listed on the confirmation / Booking form;
  3 Third Every other person, other than the holiday maker and his/her fellow holidaymaker/co-maker;
  4 Facilities Owned by being a Chalet, located in the park;
  5 Park Campsite “De Duindoorn” Badweg 40, 1976 BZ te IJmuiden - Netherland;
  6 Written By letter or e-mail;
  7 Cancellation The termination in writing by the maker of the agreement before the effective date of the stay is granted.

Article 2: Applicability
These General Conditions apply to all contracts for rental accommodation which are closed with


Article 3: Bookings
The maker confirms that, by the time of booking, he or she is 21 years old or older. reserves the right, at any time and without explanation, to refuse a booking. will confirm your booking within 10 days, by a written confirmation and invoice. This confirmation / invoice, will be checked for correctness by maker upon receipt. Inaccuracies must be made in writing to within 10 days after the invoice date, and before the start of the stay.


Article 4: Duration and termination of the agreement
The agreement will terminate automatically upon expiry of the agreed period, without any special notice is required.


Article 5: Price
The price is based on the then current rates applied by and include all taxes and fees. The price also includes the parking of one car on the camping terrain. Bottled gas, electricity and water are included with a maximum of one cylinder, one hundred kilowatt hours of electricity and two thousand liters of water per week. In excess of this, the market rates plus a surcharge of 25% is charged. Said ammounts are exclusive end-cleaning, bedding / bath- and kitchen towels / cleaning accessories. These should be brought with the marker. It is possible to rent the above items for € 9,00 per person, per rental period.


Article 6: Pets
Due to park regulations, it is forbidden to keep pets in and around the accommodation.


Article 7: Payments
  1. The maker is bound to make a deposit of 30% with a minimum € 150,00 if the booking amount is over € 150,00. The remaining amount must be in possession of, at the latest of six weeks BEFORE the stay.
  2. Booking amounts to € 150,00 and entries within six weeks before the rental period starts, should be paid in full and immediatly after receiving invoice.
  3. If maker, despite prior written notice, does not make payment within two weeks of non-compliance, has right to end the contract with immediate effect to say, notwithstanding the right of to full payment of the agreed price.
  4. If, on the day of arrival, is not in possesion of the entire payment, is entitled to deny access to the property by the maker and co-makers / thirds, notwithstanding the right of to full payment of the agreed price.
  5. The reasonable incurred extra costs made by, after notice, shall be borne by the maker. If the total amount is not timely satisfied, after written demand the statutory interest rate on the outstanding amount will be charged.


Article 8: Deposit
  1. On the day of arrival, a cash deposit ( guarantee ) of € 150,00 must be paid;
  2. Damage to property, inventory and / or park that is caused during the rental period and/or additional cleaning because of excessive pollution of the accommodation will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit (guarantee) is insufficient for these damages or costs, the remainder will be collected from the maker;
  3. Guarantee, or remainder of, will be deposited back within 7 days after departure.


Article 9: Cancellations
  1. In case of cancellation, the maker pays a fee to This fee at time of cancellation is:

    a. More than three months before the date of arrival, 25% of the agreed price;
    b. Within three tot wo months before the date of arrival, 50% of the agreed price;
    c. Within two to one month before the date of arrival, 75% of the agreed price;
    d. Within one month before the date of arrival, 90% of the agreed price;
    e. On the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed price.

  2. The fee will be refunded pro rata, after deduction of administrative costs a € 25,00, if place is taken by third on the recommendation of the maker and with the written consent of and is reserved for the same rental period or part thereof.

Article 10: Use by third(s)
Use of property by third party is only permitted with prior written consent by On the consent conditions can by made by, which has to be set in writing on forehand.


Article 11: Arrival and Departure
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you can enter the accommodation at 15.00 hours on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, you will have to leave the accomodation no later than 11.00 hours. The accommodation must be left broom clean.


Article 12: Premature departure of the marker
The marker is to pay the full price of the agreed fee if he/she leaves before the rental period is over.


Article 13: Parkregulations
The maker, co-maker(s) and / or third party(ies) must adhere to the establishment for the park (conduct) rules. Breaking these rules can result in removal from the park, without a refund of the rent or a part thereof. At all times, instructions provided by the parkmanager must be strickly followed!


Article 14: Premature termination by and eviction by attibutable defect and/or tort
  1. can terminate the contract with immediate effect:

    a. If maker, co-maker(s) and/or third(s) do not comply to the obligations of the agreement, the corresponding information and/or government regulations are not duly comply or compliance, and so that reasonableness and fairness of can not be required to meet continuing;
    b. f maker, co-maker(s) and/or third(s) nuisance, or corrupting a good atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of the park. This includes the practise of prostitution;
    c. If maker, co-maker(s) and/or third(s) make use of the property in violation of the destination and the house rules of the park;
    d. If maker, co-maker and/or third(s) are denied park entrance because of disorder.

  2. The maker remains obliged to pay the agreed rate.


Article 15: Laws and regulations
  1. shall at all times make sure that the accommodation, both internally and externally, meet all the environmental and safety requirements of the government, that (may) be;
  2. The maker is obliged to park applicable (safety) regulations to adhere to. He/she also ensure that fellow maker(s) and/or third(s) who visit and/or staying with him/her at the park, enforce the applicable (safety) regulations upon them.


Artikel 16: Maintenance and construction
  1. is obliged to let in a good state of repair;
  2. The maker is obliged to leave behind the hired property and it’s surroundings, in the same state as the maker received it;
  3. It’s the maker, co-maker and/or third(s) not allowed to perform digging, felling, pruning shribs or any other activity of a similar nature.


Artikel 17: Liability
  1. can never be held liable for:

    a. An accident, theft or damage of any kind, during or by a stay at the park;
    b. The breaking down or disabling of technical equipment and loss or closure of facilities in the park;
    c. Impact of extreme weather or toher force majeure.

  3. The maker is liable towards for damage caused by or doing of himself, the co-maker and/or third(s), if it comes to damage to the maker, comaker and /or third(s) may be attributed.


Artikel 18: Complaints / Disputes
  1. Despite the care and effort that has done it may bet hat you have a complaint. Urgent problems should be reported immediatly by phone by If the complaint can not be corrected, or not satisfactorily resolved, you need to send a written complaint, at the latest, 14 days after departure, to will make every effort to resolve complaints to eveyone’s satisfaction.
  2. On all disputes regarding the agreement, dutch law is in affect.

Establishment information
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Tel. +31 (0)6-2423 9420
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1976 BZ IJmuiden

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